'The Division' goes cinematic in live-action story clips

Ubisoft partnered with YouTubers to fill in the backstory of its online shooter/role-playing hybrid.

For an awfully long time, the only news we'd heard out of Ubisoft regarding the ultra-ambitious online shooter/role-playing game hybrid Tom Clancy's: The Division were release date delays. But now, a few months out from launch, the hype machine is in full force for a game that's looking quite a bit different than its debut at E3 2013. In an effort to fill in some of the game's backstory about a currency-based pandemic that strikes on Black Black Friday and brings society as we know it to a halt, the gaming powerhouse has teamed with noted YouTubers Devinsupertramp and RocketJump, and online production house Corridor Digital for a quartet of different stories set in the "mid-crisis" universe.

Each video tells a slightly different story and follows a different character, with a slightly different tone (RocketJump's isn't afraid to play with humor, naturally) and you can find a few of them below. What's more, you can watch them as a 30-minute short film via the Amazon Prime Video app, with five minutes of footage not available elsewhere. As a reminder, the game's beta hits January 28th, and the game launches March 8th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.