Software Quality Assurance - SQA & Decoding


A perplex procedure that it is, software development usually involves good share of risks, both programmatic & technical. What if the software program does not function as intended? What if the program is too hard a nut to browse or operate or modify? Would the project overrun cost? Well, the development company would want to make it sure that its products are flawless before these are launched in public and sqa services (Software Quality Assurance) play a crucial role here. The main job of QA is to mitigate these risks & to ensure premium quality in terms of both workflow & final product.

In a nutshell, quality assurance can be defined as the planned & strategic activities which guarantee that the processes involved in software development & the final product itself – are compliant to set requirements, standards & procedures. The standards here refer to the defined criteria for comparison of software products. The procedures are established criteria for comparison of development & control processes. Quality Assurance is carried via process monitoring, evaluation of the product, audits & testing. It's needless to mention here QA is an important aspect of software development.

Let's check the trends in SQA in 2016

Agile adoption

In the contemporary genre, Agile adoption has come up as the topmost priority for maximum industries & agile testing approach is a vital aspect of it. The organizations today are mostly rooting for fast & responsive QA testing services duly integrated with the agile development procedures.

Flexible pricing

There is no cookie-cutter generic approach when it comes to SQA as software products come with varying QA needs- and this variation in needs have led to the trend of flexible pricing policies in QA services. The pricing structure is largely determined by types of services included in the QA process, the test-use cases, region & clients.

Service virtualization

Given its close resemblance to the devops model, service virtualization assures faster development & easy testing of complicated application scenarios. As more and more software products are coming up with advanced complex environs, service virtualization has seemed to gain momentum given its ability to mitigate obstacles in testing complicated products. It also helps to simulate production environment & decouple integration dependencies.

Cloud is gaining ground

Cloud is increasingly gaining ground in the SQA market today. Cloud testing assures on-demand testing assistance that guarantees easy handling of software projects of critical nature & those that demand a quicker timespan to market. Cloud testing involves automated test tools & covers an area beyond the functional testing.

QA Outsourcing

Another major trend in SQA is qa outsourcing to third party independent software quality assurance companies. The smart software development companies today do not want the pressure and expense of maintaining an in-house QA team and outsourcing is always a more affordable option. These independent testing services are backed by expert QA testers and hence the software companies can always be assured of a pro attention here. Moreover, outsourcing also guarantees an impartial evaluation on the software product.