Here's an early taste of the 'System Shock' remake

SHODAN is as creepy as ever.

Two decades after its original release, System Shock is being remade. Night Dive Studios, the developer in charge of the project, released some pre-alpha footage, and it looks great.

If you've never played the original, it's a hugely influential atmospheric first-person RPG in a sci-fi horror setting. A great game in its own right, it spawned a more successful (and arguably better) sequel, System Shock 2. Some of the minds behind the originals went on to create games you've almost certainly heard of. Ken Levine made BioShock, considered by many to be a spiritual successor, while Warren Spector made Deus Ex, which also leans heavily on the System Shock 2 formula.

Night Dive's video describes the game as System Shock 1 Remastered, but it's clear that this is more remake than remaster. The original artist is on board to help upgrade the original assets, and with that some of the level layout is changing. Speaking with Polygon, the developer explained that many people's only exposure to the series is through BioShock, so it's making some tweaks to cater to modern gamers' tastes. That means the tone of the narrative is also set to shift, as is some of the gameplay. but the overall plot will remain.

System Shock is due for release in 2017. A bonafide sequel, System Shock 3, is also in the early stages of development, with Spector at the helm.