Adobe lets you try new Lightroom features before they're released

Test drive new tools with Technical Preview on the web.

Lightroom on the web is handy for using the photo-editing software when you're away from your personal computer. Today, Adobe announced that it's adding a big boost to the web-based software with Technology Previews. This means that Lightroom users will be able to test drive new features before they're widely available on the regular desktop app. The first tool that you'll be able to try is a universal search feature that lets you sort through all of the images synced online through Lightroom mobile, Lightroom on the web and the Lightroom desktop application. More new stuff is on the way, and you'll be able to offer feedback ahead of major feature releases.

To give it a go, log in to Lightroom on the web and click the Lr icon at the top left. From there, select Technical Preview and toggle on the search tool. The app will begin indexing your images so the feature can effectively hunt through them. You'll be the only one who can access your photos, and eventually you'll be able to use metadata to perform your queries. If you're interested in getting a look at new software updates before they're released, Adobe is giving you that chance here with Lightroom.