BBC Bitesize app puts revision flashcards on your phone

No need for cumbersome textbooks.

It's no secret that many teenagers, just like adults, are hopelessly addicted to their smartphones. With this in mind and exam season just around the corner, the BBC has launched an app for its popular Bitesize learning platform in the UK. It offers brief explainers and short, personalised revision flashcards for the core subjects -- English, maths and science. These can include text, audio, video, infographics, quotes and quizzes. Whatever works best to make the information stick, basically.

For now the app is a supplement, rather than a replacement, for the Bitesize website, which offers a deeper and broader range of topics. The BBC says it will be updated over time, however, with additional subjects and new functionality. The advantage, of course, is that a mobile app should always be accessible, regardless of where the student is and how much time they have to kill. Instead of carrying a laptop or hefty revision textbook, they can pop open their smartphone while they're waiting in line for...whatever it is students wait in line for these days. The cinema?