'Bastion' studio's third game, 'Pyre,' prepares to party in 2017

Supergiant Games continues its short history of building stylish, mystical worlds.

Pyre tells the story of three wanderers living in exile in a vast purgatory called the Downside, fighting for the chance to rejoin their homeland. They travel and battle in the Rites, a secret competition for those in exile who wish to be absolved, fighting together with a blend of magic and dexterity. While much of the game remains cloaked in mystery, it's due to hit PlayStation 4 and Steam simultaneously in 2017.

We do know a few things about Pyre: It's a party-based role-playing game and the third title from Supergiant Games. It follows in the footsteps of Supergiant's Bastion and Transistor, two beautiful and atmospheric experiences, though it seems to have a wonderful Banner Saga undertone. Supergiant will showcase Pyre at PAX East from April 22nd to 24th, in booth #8212. If you'll be there, get your hands on some of this gorgeousness.