Samsung team-up aims to improve your mobile payments

It's partnering with point-of-sale device makers to give you a better time when you tap to pay.

If you've ever tried paying with your phone at a store, you know that the experience is often only as good as the payment reader -- a sketchy terminal could lead to you pulling out a credit card in embarrassment. Samsung thinks the industry can do better, though. It's partnering with some of the larger point-of-sale device makers (such as Verifone and Ingenico) to guarantee "maximum compatibility and universal acceptance" for Samsung Pay. The hope is that this will boost the adoption of mobile payments simply by giving you a better time when you tap-to-pay, with fewer errors that make you rethink the whole concept.

While Samsung is naturally hoping that this gives its own payment technology a boost, the effort could also help competitors like Apple Pay and Android Pay. Right now, the mobile payment world is small in part because many stores just aren't equipped for it -- Samsung Pay's trick of simulating a card swipe is more of a workaround than a permanent solution. If the partnership works well, it could improve the experience for anyone who wants to use their phone for shopping.