'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' sets up 'Kingdom Hearts 3' this December

A new trailer offers a fresh look at 'Back Cover' and 'A Fragmentary Passage.'

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'Kingdom Hearts 2.8' sets up 'Kingdom Hearts 3' this December

Kingdom Hearts 3 is still a long way off. In the meantime, fans of the Disney and Final Fantasy mashup are being treated to a part remaster, part compilation called Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue (yep, that's the official name.) The games comes with a HD version of Dream Drop Distance, originally released for the 3DS, and two new experiences called Back Cover and A Fragmentary Passage. Confused yet? Don't worry, Kingdom Hearts is known for its convoluted storyline. Today, Square Enix is announcing that the PS4 game -- already confirmed for Japan -- will also be coming to the West. It'll be out "globally" sometime this December.

To whet your appetite, the Japanese publisher has released a new trailer. It starts with Dream Drop Distance but quickly switches to Fragmentary Passage, a new playable chapter following Aqua in the realm of darkness. You'll then see a snippet of Back Cover, a movie exploring a mysterious group called the "Foretellers." It's supposedly tied to Kingdom Hearts Unchained X, a smartphone game that recently launched in the US.

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