Samsung pours $1.2 billion into the Internet of Things

The huge US investment shows its commitment to connected gadgets.

Samsung is willing to put its money where its mouth is when it comes to the Internet of Things. The electronics giant is spending $1.2 billion on IoT development in the US over the next 4 years, sharing it between startups and its own work. This isn't just about getting into a young field, if you ask Samsung. The company pitches this as crucial to dealing with an aging population -- connected gadgets could help an older generation maintain its independence.

It's also worried about regulation. Samsung is co-founding a "National IoT Strategy Dialogue" in a bid to shape US policies on always-online devices. The hope, as you might guess, is that the guidelines will be loose enough that they don't "hold back" Samsung's interests. There's no guarantee that it'll get its way, but it's evident that the company wants as much say in its IoT future as possible.