Galaxy Note 7 shipments delayed over reports of exploding phones

Samsung is investigating the claims and conducting "additional tests."

If you were planning to buy a Galaxy Note 7, you might not want to count on getting it quickly. Samsung tells Reuters that it's delaying shipments of its latest smartphone as it conducts "additional tests" to verify "product quality." It's not saying what it's worried about, but there have been reports of the phone's battery exploding while it charges. Samsung might be checking to see whether or not the battery fires are the result of systemic flaws, or just a handful of isolated incidents.

The company hasn't said how long the delay will last. However, it could hurt Samsung's bottom line if it's substantial. The Galaxy Note 7 was already hard to find on store shelves due to demand, according to Samsung. Delays would only make those shortages worse, and increase the chances that frustrated customers will take their business elsewhere.