Google search results now include full localized ballot info

Get your local ballot and investigate the candidates before election day.

Google has been putting election-related information right at its users' fingertips in recent months -- the company made it easier to register to vote, has state-specific details on how to vote right in search results and it now highlights fact-checking stories in Google News. The latest addition to Google's slate of voter tools is localized polling place and ballot information. Searching for "who's on my ballot" will bring up results tailored to your location, and you can tap or click on the names to find out more details about each candidate.

The results are broken up into national and state races, and each candidate's party is clearly labeled where applicable. At the bottom of the listing are buttons you can tap to pull up the aforementioned voter registration details and voting instructions as well as details on exactly where your polling place is. You can also see what your voter ID requirements are when looking at the details for your polling location.

Rather than using your phone or computer's location, Google asks you to put in your home address -- but if you have a home location set up in your Google account, you can fill those details in with one tap. Now, you just need to make up your mind on how you're voting.