Inside Adidas' new tech-infused store in New York City

A VR experience is one of several things to check out at the company's latest flagship space.

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Inside Adidas' new tech-infused store in New York City

Not to be outdone by Nike, Adidas has opened a new flagship store in New York City. And, just like its rival, the German company packed the space with loads of technology. Inside the four-story, 45,000-square-foot space, on the corner of 5th Avenue and 46th Street, you'll find a virtual-reality experience and a wearable system designed to help you find the best running shoe. Let's take a look at what other tech Adidas is featuring at its biggest retail store yet.

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  • Run Genie
  • James Harden in VR
  • Touchscreens and 3D shoe scans
  • Run Genie with a view
  • mi Ultra Boost
  • Sustainable hangers and mannequins
  • SAM
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