Someone Google Translated 'Final Fantasy'

Prepare yourself for an even more confusing JRPG.

As much as we love them, Japanese role-playing games can be baffling at the best of times. Yet thanks to some clever localization, teams of writers and translators around the globe have managed to make sense of these intriguing adventures. But what if these localization teams didn't exist? That's the question translation enthusiast Clyde Mandelin asked, resulting in him rigging up a program to Google Translate Final Fantasy IV.

Calling the project Funky Fantasy IV, his software extracts all the game's original Japanese text and replaces it with a straight Google translation - with predictably hilarious results.

In a time where many gamers are demanding literal translations of Japanese games, this project really highlights the great work that localization teams do. More importantly, it's also really, really amusing. Funky Fantasy IV is still in the testing stage and will be made available once its bugs have been ironed out. In the mean time, all your Funky Fantasies are belong to Clyde.