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The Morning After: Thursday, April 13th 2017

Pudding to start the day.

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Nintendo, YouTube
Nintendo, YouTube

Despite its newly christened console, Nintendo is keeping the 3DS alive with a slew of new games in addition to new Switch titles (that's what the pudding above is about). Meanwhile, the New York Auto Show shows us a mix of cars we do and do not want, and our Buyer's Guide gets updated for Spring 2017. You need to buy things, right?

All the Nintendo news fit to post.Nintendo reveals some Switch games beyond 'Zelda,' and the 3DS lives

The latest Nintendo Direct offered relief for the Switch's army of early adopters who have already conquered the shrines and guardians of Breath Of The Wild. Yes, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS and Splatoon 2 are now firmly in the games release calendar. More surprisingly, the 3DS got a whole batch of new titles coming in the next six months, including Kirby, Pikmin and Monster Hunter titles. The handheld gets a reprieve.

Day 1 of the 2017 New York Auto Show

So far, the NY show has seen a number of unveilings, but the most interesting one is Lincoln's Uber idea for well-heeled customers. Similar to the Dryver app, Lincoln Chauffeur is a ride-hailing system that summons a driver to take customers for a ride in their own car. Meanwhile, Acura squeezed important software updates into the 2018 TLX, Toyota has a road-warrior concept for yuppies, and Genesis has a luxury SUV concept that blends hydrogen and electric power.

Engadget Buyer's Guide update
Here's your spring shortlist of technology that's worth purchasing

The weather is getting warmer, and you're ready to do some shopping. We've reviewed plenty of new gadgets over the long winter, and a select few have made their way into our just-updated buyer's guide. Whether you're looking for a slim laptop like Lenovo's Yoga 910 or noise-cancelling headphones like Sony's MD1000x, we have some well-reasoned advice to dole out.

It has begun.
Burger King's latest ad tries to piggyback on Google Assistant

In a move we should've seen coming, a new Burger King ad featured an actor yelling out "Ok Google, what is the Whopper burger?" in the hopes that it would activate a viewer's phone, tablet or speaker to answering with additional info from a carefully curated Wikipedia entry. What actually happened is that the internet exploded with rage before the ad aired on TV, and it appears Google managed to filter the command out so that BK couldn't get a free assist from its AI-powered service.

For developers, it's basically a powerful PC.
Microsoft reveals details about its Project Scorpio developer kits

Despite a deep dive into Project Scorpio's specs, we still don't know what Microsoft's evolved Xbox One console will look like. While we expect more information and details about games supporting it to arrive at E3, the company did open up about why developers will love the refreshed hardware. The dev kit itself looks like an Xbox One S, with vents on the side so they can be stacked. It also has an OLED display built-in to show off a game's framerate, and a cable to transfer files onto the system quickly. Oh, and it has 24GB of RAM so devs can spend more time testing and less time waiting.

Qualcomm is in the courts a lot.
BlackBerry made more cash from royalties than phones

Between antitrust fines and lawsuits, Qualcomm's patent strategy is already running into trouble... and things just got much worse. The wireless chipset maker has been given a preliminary order to pay BlackBerry $814.9 million in a dispute over royalty payments. The company made a total of $286 million in revenue last quarter -- $814.9 million could cover most of the money it makes in a year.

Vegas gets a flagship gaming venue.
Las Vegas nightclub is turning into an eSports arena

Las Vegas is quickly becoming a hotbed for virtual sports. Allied Esports and Esports Arena have unveiled plans to turn a 30,000 square foot nightclub at the Luxor Hotel and Casino into the Vegas Strip's first permanent eSports venue.

It also has some HoloLens DNA.
Acer's $300 Windows headset bodes well for the future of cheap VR

For Microsoft, the future of computing is not only virtual reality but also "mixed reality," the company's term encapsulating AR and VR experiences. That started with HoloLens, but that costs $3,000. Microsoft has something else in mind for consumers: $300 VR headsets from PC makers like Dell and HP. Finally, we got to actually try one: Acer's Windows 10 headset.

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