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The Morning After: Thursday, May 25th 2017

"Hump day!"

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Hey, good morning!

Welcome to hump day, and the Nokia 3310 is back for another round. Meanwhile, we explain why the legal system is ill-prepared for the future intersection of sex and technology, and take a look at a foundation planning for a future that's 10,000 years away.

When a feature phone gets resurrected and it's still a feature phone.
The new Nokia 3310 is too basic for 2017

Ignore the hype.

Paypal has harsh words for the music streaming service.
PayPal sues Pandora over confusingly similar logos

Pandora recently donned a new look, with a new logo that looked very familiar to anyone who's ever used PayPal. Now the online payment system is taking Pandora to court, accusing it of ripping off its iconic logo to ride on its popularity. It had some savage words in its lawsuit, telling the court that Pandora decided on a logo design similar to its own to overcome "serious commercial challenges that threaten its very survival." After all, the filing reads, "Pandora has no obvious path to profitability" as a streaming website known for free service, and it also faces "overwhelming competition from Spotify, Apple Music and Amazon Music." Snap.

Xbox Live subscribers can try it for free right now
Xbox's Netflix-like Game Pass offers 100 titles starting June 1st

If you don't mind playing older games, Microsoft is testing the waters with a new subscription service. Netflix-like in its operation, Game Pass costs $10 per month and offers access to over 100 games. Right now, that list includes some nice-but-dated selections like NBA 2K16, Halo 5 and Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. received a cease-and-desist notice for being "confusingly similar"
Comcast tries to shut down pro-net neutrality site

Internet advocacy group, Fight for the Future, says Comcast sent it a cease-and-desist order demanding the group take down on the grounds that it violates the company's "valuable intellectual property." Evan Greer, Fight for the Future's campaign director, said that the cease-and-desist order is indicative of why net neutrality is needed: "If [FCC chairman] Ajit Pai's plan is enacted, there would be nothing preventing Comcast from simply blocking sites like that are critical of their corporate policies."

No-hands selfies
You can control DJI's palm-sized Spark drone with a few gestures

This cutesy Spark drone from DJI is a lot smaller than its Phantom cousins, but it has a cool trick: you can control it with gestures. Maneuvering it into position for a pic couldn't be easier, but it has one drawback -- gesture control only works within ten feet. Beyond that, you'll need to use the app or remote control, but for close-up shots, you'll have everyone wondering who was holding the camera.

Hint: It's not 5G
What is mobile gigabit?

The gigabit phone rollout started with Samsung's Galaxy S8, and will continue with more new devices arriving later this year. The problem, unfortunately, is that you won't be able to take advantage of any fiber-like wireless connections until carriers open up access. AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon all plan to roll out the tech by the end of this year so sit back and let Cherlynn Low explain how it all works (and why it's still not 5G).

What happens when our most intimate devices get hacked?
The law isn't ready for the internet of sexual assault

If the Mirai botnet taught us anything, it's that no device connected to the internet is safe from hacking. In that incident, malware hijacked thousands of devices, including DVRs, modems and security cameras. As the worlds of sex and technology begin to intersect, the threat of hacking will enter a new, potentially more dangerous realm. Already, one connected vibrator has had its security called into question, and it won't be the last. When the inevitable happens, is there a legal framework to deal with such a crime?

The RNC has written to the FCC in support of Ringless Voicemail for robocalls.Republicans back straight-to-voicemail robocall plan

Because everyone loves voicemail. Especially robocall voicemail.

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