Airbnb tests payment-splitting feature so you don't get stiffed

It’s bad news for your cheap friends.

Thomas Trutschel via Getty Images

Airbnb is testing out a feature that would allow reservations to be split among multiple people. So, if you're booking with rude friends who never pay you back or if you want to book an expensive reservation that may be too much for one credit card to handle, this new feature would help you out. The option allows a reservation to be split with up to 16 people and is being tested with just a few listings as of now.

In April, Airbnb also began testing a flexible payment option, allowing customers to pay a portion of the reservation amount up front and the rest a little later. Other recent changes include a new search tool that pulls up listings suitable for business travel and a photographic guide feature to clarify the check-in process.

According to The Next Web, split payments has been one of Airbnb's most requested features. While it's only available in select places now, the company plans to expand the feature to more listings later this year.