WSJ: Sprint is discussing a new deal with Charter/Comcast

Cable company negotiations have apparently put T-Mobile merger talk on hold.

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Robert Laberge via Getty Images
Robert Laberge via Getty Images

Not that long ago, there was a report that the on again/off again merger talks between T-Mobile and Sprint had resumed, but tonight the Wall Street Journal reports they're on hold. That's apparently due to Sprint negotiating exclusively with the combined unit of Charter and Comcast. An unlikely result could be an acquisition of the fourth largest wireless carrier, or the two cable companies could invest in it to help improve the company's network, which they could then use to offer their wireless services instead of Verizon.

As the various types of networks -- phone, cable, satellite and wireless -- become and/or acquire each other, the competition is intensifying. Comcast, for example, is now primarily an internet service provider, and the WSJ points out that if it wants to offer wireless or video services to customers outside its cable footprint, it could need a new deal. However things may shake out, their time to talk extends through late July, so expect some poolside (or, inside where there's air conditioning-side) updates soon.

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