LinkedIn built a Tinder for business advice

You will, eventually, be able to seek out experts to help you get a better job.

The ability to swipe left and right to determine if you want to do business with someone is Tinder's signature feature. It's been copied by hundreds of imitators, but few would have expected the staid LinkedIn to be one of them. The Microsoft-owned professional network is rolling out a swipey-choosey feature that will enable hungry entrants to the world of work to choose a mentor.

At least, that'll be the idea in the future, because right now the option is limited to a hand-selected group of mentors in San Francisco and Australia. Those willing to play Jack Donaghy to their own Liz Lemon will be able to control who approaches them for help. So, for instance, you can opt to school people in your first or second degree networks, folks that live in the same area as you, or members of your alma mater.

LinkedIn hopes that those higher up the ladder will want to share their expertise with young and hungry types looking to jumpstart their careers. As TechCrunch points out, the addition of this to LinkedIn's platform is another way it will elbow-out rivals like BetterUp and Everwise. Plus, it's another way to lock people in to spending time on the site that everyone hopes will get them a better job, even if it might not.