Apple Music's latest short stars Niall Horan from One Direction

It’s to celebrate the release of his debut solo album ‘Flicker.’

Steve Marcus / Reuters

Niall Horan might be a member of the celebrated boy band One Direction, but he's ready to strike out on his own with the release of his first solo album Flicker. Now, Billboard reports that thanks to Apple Music, Horan will debut a short film called On the Record: Flicker, which will take viewers behind the scenes of recording the album. It will feature both footage of rehearsals, as well as interviews and a look into Horan's creative process. The film and album both debut on October 20th. You can see the trailer below.

This isn't the first venture Apple Music has made into short film documentaries featuring musicians. Megastar Pink is releasing her seventh studio album Beautiful Trauma this week, on October 13th. Apple Music will also release On the Record: Pink — Beautiful Trauma, a short documentary about the making of the album. Apple Music is doing well with these documentary exclusives, and it will be interesting to see if these give them an edge in the music streaming wars.