Discover card users can redeem their points on Apple Pay

It might save you some cash this holiday season.

Apple Pay gives you many ways to pay for your purchases -- and now Discover's cashback bonus is one of them. Discover and Apple have teamed up to give you the ability to redeem your cashback points through the mobile payment app, so long as you can fulfill a set of requirements. You'll obviously have to add your Discover card to Apple Pay, download the Discover app, have a rewards balance higher than the amount of the item you want to purchase and, most importantly, you have to be using an iPhone 6 or later.

To redeem your cashback rewards, simply choose Discover on Apple Pay, select "Tap for Details" when you get the redemption message and then tap to redeem your bonus. There's just one important thing to take note of: you can't redeem your rewards if you're on T-Mobile's network. Unfortunately, it could make redemption harder while you're on the go if you're a T-Mo customer, since you'll have to disconnect your mobile internet and find a WiFi connection instead. We were told that the card provider is working to make the feature available to all Apple Pay users, though, so the issue could be fixed in the near future.