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The Morning After: Facebook F8 Day 1

And our Oculus Go review.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

We're getting ready for the second day of Facebook's F8 event, but you can catch up with all the day-one announcements before the second keynote speech starts at noon ET. Oh, and there was a big Fortnite update.

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And group video calls in WhatsApp.Facebook F8 Day 1

The first day of Facebook's F8 event is in the books, and it might be easier to list what the company didn't announce (like a smart speaker). Mark Zuckerberg revealed its new GDPR-ready Clear History feature, which makes it easier to find out what the company knows about your browsing habits, and if you choose, unlink that from your personal account. Other highlights included the Oculus Go launch, and Facebook's plan for a dating feature that peeks through groups and events you follow for likely candidates. How could that ever go wrong?

The comet has landed.'Fortnite' update delivers destruction, new areas and meme emotes

In Fortnite v4.0, a comet struck, destroying certain areas of the game's familiar map as new additions, like a drive-in movie theater, help mix things up. Naturally, there are also new DC-inspired superhero skins and an Orange Justice emote, while the crossbow has been removed.

What's the opposite of a meet-cute?Sprint and T-Mobile: a coalition of also-rans

Pending regulatory approval, the two smallest national carriers are finally getting together. Cherlynn Low tells the tale of a union that's been years in the making.

Cheap and easy VR for everyone.Oculus Go review

Compared to other headsets, the Oculus Go isn't incredibly powerful, but it is cheap and easy to use, since it doesn't require a PC or drop-in phone to work. For a hair under $200, average customers can dive into VR with Netflix, games and more.

SNES and NES.iam8bit and Capcom are re-releasing two 'Mega Man' classics on cartridge

Mega Man 2 and Mega Man X are coming back in playable cartridge form this September.

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