Spotify adds songwriter and producer credits to its iOS app

But don't use it to cheat on songwriter questions at pub trivia night.

After adding songwriter and producer credits to its desktop app in February, Spotify has made it easier to find out more details about tunes you're listening to on the go by bringing credits to the iOS app. Starting today, when you tap the options button on a song (the ellipsis on the right of the screen), you can view the credits, though only if record labels have provided those details, Music Business Worldwide notes. There's no word as yet on when credits will arrive in the Android app.

Work is underway to fill out missing credits according to Alfons Karabuda, chairman of the European Composer & Songwriter Alliance, who added that Spotify plans to let publishers, societies and musicians correct details or add more if necessary. With more than 35 million songs in its library, there are a lot of credits for Spotify to include, so it may take some time before all of the information is accurate. Still, it's a worthy tip of the cap to those who've worked hard to create the music you listen to every day.