Golf course drone deliveries help you grab a bite on the green

Flytrex wants to save you a trip to the clubhouse.

You won't have to wait for a human courier (or drive back to the clubhouse) just to satisfy your hunger in the middle of a golf game. Flytrex and EASE drones have teamed up with King's Walk Golf Course in North Dakota to offer the first drone-based food delivery service on an American golf course. If your stomach is growling several holes in, you just have to pick a pre-approved drop-off point through a mobile app, order your meal and watch as a human-piloted drone carries your grub directly to that point. That's potentially much faster than having a worker drive a circuitous route.

Before you ask: yes, it's legal. Flytrex keeps drones within line of sight of its technicians and chooses routes that won't have people below. The drone is also an existing model with an established track record.

The service is launching today, with a $3 fee for every order. Whether or not you see that as a reasonable cost, the job is a logical fit for early delivery drones. The machines have the luxury of short flights and relatively safe airspace, and they're overcoming terrain challenges that would slow down ground-based vehicles. Besides, there's a certain allure to having your lunch descend from the skies while you're still on the green.