Finally, an app for people who don’t know how to Google ‘salmon recipes’

LMGTFY using your phone's camera and machine learning you have to train.

Imagine: You're trying to make do with whatever's left in your fridge or you've just found a choice (or cheap) cut of meat at the grocery store. You could just Google the ingredient(s) and see what recipes pop up, but that's low-tech thinking for simpler minds. Why not harness the power of machine learning, AI and other buzzwordy tech to do it for you? The new app PixFood promises to do just that: It recognizes a photo of a single ingredient and suggests recipes with step-by-step instructions for your culinary adventures!

Or you could, y'know, Google it. As PixFood's tech stands now, it's a step up from just recognizing whether or not something's a hot dog. Once you take a photo of an ingredient with the app, you'll have to confirm what kind of food it is from a few suggestions -- which sounds a lot like every user helping train its machine learning tech for accuracy -- and then sift through a handful of recipes, some of which are dimly related (it suggested nicoise with tuna steak from my chosen ingredient, beef steak).

Admittedly, the recipe presentation is clean and no-fuss, with nice video clip demonstrations. But the tech is pretty basic for 2018. Do you really need something slower than a Google search? And a service that, for now, only suggests meals from one ingredient at a time? If you're looking for a more modern look than the Food Network website, PixFood might be your bag. I'm still waiting for an app that gives me something to do with all the leftover junk in my fridge so I can put off going out for groceries.