Facebook is bringing Instant Games to Groups and the Lite app

It will begin with gaming-specific Groups.

Facebook built Instant Games as a cross-platform gaming experience that can run anywhere without the need to download anything extra. Taking the platform's nature into account, it seems pretty obvious that the social network plans to put it anywhere it can: the feature debuted on Messenger and the News Feed, and now it's making its way to Facebook Groups and the Lite app.

The company will make the feature available on all gaming Groups, to be specific, allowing members to play with each other if they want. However, Facebook is also exploring the possibility of making it available as an opt-in feature to Groups from all categories. The social network is also adding Instant Games under the More menu in its Lite app. It said offering the feature on the lightweight application will demonstrate how the platform "can provide a compelling gaming experience regardless of phone or network constraints." The Lite app was created for lower-end devices with very little memory and storage, after all, as well as for markets where not everyone has access to mobile data.

According to Facebook, it saw a 25 percent increase in Daily Active Players from June to September and over 1.7 billion gaming sessions over the past month. It believes that it's seeing tremendous growth due to the platform's expansion, so we'll likely see Instant Games in more places in the future.