Apple Music will reveal key Grammy nominations on December 7th

You won't have to watch TV to catch the news.

Apple's involvement in the Grammys dates back more than a decade. This year, however, its connection will be more conspicuous. The Recording Academy has revealed that Apple Music will stream Grammy nominations in "select categories" (read: the better-known ones) on December 7th at 8:30AM Eastern, right alongside their revelation on CBS This Morning. This doesn't give you much lead time versus reading the full list on the website, which will have everything at 8:45AM. Still it's convenient if you just have to find out whether your favorite artist made the list.

It's no secret why Apple would push for a premiere like this. The company wants to be seen as a major force in the music industry, and it doesn't get much more official than announcing Grammy news. The audience is certainly there for it. Apple reportedly has 56 million streaming music subscribers (likely including trial members) as of November, and that could guarantee a significant audience for the nominations even if just a fraction of the service's members tune in.