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The Morning After: Facebook's long day


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Hopefully your day isn't as busy as yesterday was for Facebook. We'll explain what the social network is up to now, plus take a look at the first of many powerful-and-light gaming laptops on the way.

A formidable mix of power and portability.
Gigabyte Aero 15X review: the best lightweight gaming laptop yet

The earlier Aero 15X was already the most capable lightweight gaming laptop you could buy, but Gigabyte made the latest version even better. With an all-new six-core Intel processor and gaming display, it offers a rare blend of performance, portability and battery life that Steve Dent believe blows away rivals.

Someone is feeling the pressure.
Facebook's big day

With CEO Mark Zuckerberg scheduled to speak in front of Congress on April 11th, Facebook went into news overdrive. While revealing that up to 87 million people may have had their information "improperly shared" with Cambridge Analytica, it announced several changes to its data policy to further restrict what app developers and partners can pull. It buried a mention that scammers could have scraped public-profile info from "most" of its two billion plus users while explaining that it's disabling the ability to search for people by phone number or email address, then proposed a rewritten data policy and TOS that more clearly explain how everything works. And then Zuckerberg himself hopped on a conference call with reporters to (try to) wrap everything up.

The company's AI efforts are spreading from photos to video.
Adobe Sensei AI will automatically color-match shots in Premiere

All you have to do is tweak one shot just the way you want it, and Color Match will apply the corrections to your other shots as editable color adjustments. Beyond that, Sensei AI can key on skin tones in photos, auto-adjust music levels during dialog and more.

The Big Picture
Photos show the epic scale of VW Dieselgate

$25 billion in claims and fines. 500,000 vehicles affected. 294,000 vehicles in storage.

It's like Netflix, except almost entirely not.BMW's car subscription starts at $2,000 per month

The automaker has launched a pilot Access by BMW program in Nashville, giving subscribers a more flexible alternative to ownership, which lets them switch cars easily (through a mobile app, of course). Opt for the performance-oriented $3,700 M tier to freely choose between the M4 convertible, M5, M6 convertible, X5M and X6M.

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