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The Morning After: Inside Apple Watch Series 4

And Photokina begins.

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Hey, good morning! You look fabulous.

This morning, we're taking a peek inside Apple's latest wearable and getting prepared for Photokina. Also: the latest info about macOS, Office 2019 and Telltale Games.

Tear it down.What's inside the new Apple Watch?

You'll see a much thinner (if longer) Taptic Engine, a much larger speaker and a smaller battery -- the 44mm Watch pack has 20 percent less capacity than that of the 42mm Series 3. You know the drill, a new device comes out and the folks at iFixit do their thing.

The year of the full-frame mirrorless camera.We're live from Photokina 2018

We're in Cologne, Germany, for Photokina 2018, where, rumor has it, Panasonic is set to reveal a full-frame mirrorless shooter of its own -- though it could just be a prototype with an actual launch not expected until 2019. Fujifilm, for its part, is reportedly preparing to announce another medium-format camera, one with a massive 100-megapixel sensor. Then there's Sony, which could reveal a high-end APS-C model inspired by its A9 full-frame mirrorless. But Ricoh was first out of the gate with its new GR III.

Here's what to expect.macOS Mojave is out

As with most recent macOS updates, there's no reason not to upgrade to Mojave right away. If you're using a relatively recent Mac, performance should be unaffected, and there's a host of useful organizational features, not to mention the new Dark Mode.

AI, AR and security updates.What will Android look like in the next ten years?

What started as an alternative mobile experience for nerds has gone full mainstream. But what does that mean for the future of Android?

Remember when search engines sorted the web by categories? It's back.Google Feed gets renamed Discover, will appear on mobile homepage

You'll still get the same listing of current topics and upcoming events, but it'll be even more tailored to your interests. But what's especially intriguing, however, is that Discover will now no longer live just in the app; it'll appear in the Google mobile homepage as well.

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Time to bring back Burbn.Instagram founders resign from Facebook

Eight years after launching Instagram and six years after selling it to Facebook for $1 billion, Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger are moving on. According to Systrom, "We're planning on taking some time off to explore our curiosity and creativity again."

Notice any changes lately?Google is quietly logging users into Chrome

Chrome 69 shows users logged into the browser automatically at the moment they sign in to any Google service. However, according to Adrienne Porter Felt, that doesn't mean it actually syncs browser data to the cloud on their profile unless they opt-in with two additional clicks. That explanation still hasn't satisfied everyone.

'The world's largest audio entertainment company.'SiriusXM acquires Pandora for $3.5 billion

The move should help Pandora on its path to profitability as it faces off against bigger rivals, Apple and Spotify. For SiriusXM, the acquisition marks the next step in its move "out of the car," which has already seen the radio service jump on to Amazon Echos, Fire TVs, Sony's PS4 and Roku, with Pandora opening the floodgates to more mobile listeners.

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