Ressence's $48,800 connected mechanical watch arrives in April

The Type 2 melds classic timekeeping, modern tech and an absurd price.

If you like the thought of wearing a classic mechanical watch but wish it had some of the conveniences of the connected age, your dream wristwear is here... so long as you're willing to pay dearly for it. A year after unveiling a concept, Ressence has unveiled the finished version of its Type 2 watch. Like before, the timepiece (co-designed by Tony Fadell) uses an "e-Crown" that can set the watch to different time zones or check its 36-hour power reserve by either tapping the face or using a mobile app. You only have to set the watch the conventional way when you first take it out of the box. Solar cells hidden under the dial keep the e-Crown powered, and it relies on a true automatic movement that will keep ticking even if the digital side runs out of power.

The production model is largely similar to the prototype from 2018, with a 45mm titanium case, a choice of fabric or leather for the strap and dials in either anthracite (read: black) or gray. Don't take it swimming -- it's only splash-resistant.

There's only one major concern. As you might have surmised from the case materials and movement, this is very much a luxury watch that just happens to employ a few digital features. You'll have to spend $48,800 to put a Type 2 on your wrist when it launches in April, which makes the Apple Watch Hermès and Montblanc Summit 2 seem like absolute bargains. Consider this, though: Ressence might be paving the way for other, more affordable mechanical watches that use modern tech to eliminate ages-old hassles.