Google Assistant offers livelier search results on Android

You won't just get a wall of text.

The next time you ask Google Assistant a question, you'll be more likely to get something beyond a flurry of web links. Google is rolling out an update to Assistant on Android that provides more detailed (not to mention more vivid) info cards when you ask certain questions. Search for local events and you'll get cards that include associated visuals and bookmark buttons. Look for cute cats, meanwhile, and you'll see pictures for adorable breeds on top of the actual rankings.

Other upgraded searches include stocks (you'll see a stock performance graph), financial calculators, color pickers and even a bubble level. Those searches that do revolve around basic web links will also show up in a mere elegant vertical format that's better suited to your phone.

You should already see the new results now. There's no mention of when iOS support might arrive, but it may just be a matter of time.