Windows 10's redesigned Terminal is available in preview

Tabs, customization and web links are just part of the additions.

It's a good time to be a Windows power user. Microsoft has released a preview version of Windows 10's redesigned Terminal (known as just Windows Terminal) through its app store, giving you a considerably more powerful command line tool. You can run the Command Prompt, PowerShell and Linux features from one central place, complete with tabs, a hardware-accelerated text engine and extensive customization -- it's just what you've wanted if you thought the all-black background was a little too austere.

The preview still has "many usability issues," including the absence of assistive technology. This isn't something you'd want to rely on for work until there's a polished copy. It's better than compiling the code for Terminal yourself, though, and it's a good peek at how Microsoft is courting some of its most demanding users.