Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Microsoft's biggest Surface Pro rival?

We want to hear what you think about Samsung’s convertible Snapdragon 850-powered tablet.

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Is the Samsung Galaxy Book 2 Microsoft's biggest Surface Pro rival?

When reviews editor Cherlynn Low spent some time with Samsung's Galaxy Book 2 back in October, she determined that the brilliant display, long-lasting battery and LTE connectivity made a compelling argument for owning the tablet. While it would make an ideal device for people who value a hearty battery and do most of their work in a browser, the performance of the Snapdragon 850 processor was sometimes frustratingly sluggish. A sturdy magnesium body with a built-in kickstand, included S Pen and a keyboard helped compensate for the performance issues, with the Galaxy Book 2 earning a decent score of 83.

Right now there's only a single user review up on our Galaxy Book 2's product page. However, whoever wrote it is effusive in their praise for the tablet: Brad says he loves his Galaxy Book 2 because his job requires a light device with a quick start up time and significant battery life. But he gave the slate a much lower score than Cherlynn did -- a 70 -- because he can't upgrade the RAM and finds himself using a lot of dongles to accomplish his work.

If you also own a Galaxy Book 2, do you agree with Brad's assessment of the tablet's drawbacks? Tell us what score you would give Samsung's slate and why on our Galaxy Book 2 product page. Your review could appear in an upcoming roundup article, and help educate your fellow readers on why this device is (or is not) worth their hard-earned money.

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