The red Instant Pot Duo is $40 off today

It's a great starting point if you're new to Instant Pot.

After discounting the Ultra model last week, Amazon is back with another Instant Pot deal ahead of Black Friday. This time around, you can get up to $40 off the Instant Pot Duo, making the family-sized six-quart model $59.99.

According to price tracker Camelcamelcamel, that's the lowest price Amazon has ever offered the Duo for. Just note that of the six-quart models, it's only the red one that's down $40. The other colors are on sale too, but only by more modest $9.19 for the teal and white models and $19.96 for the black model. That said, you can also get $40 off for the eight-quart black model -- making it $99, instead of $139.95.

If you've never owned an Instant Pot, the Duo is excellent for beginners. It forgoes some of the more advanced settings that are available on the Ultra model we highlighted last week, making it easier to use. When it comes to cooking food, it can still do almost everything its more expensive sibling can, including making rice and yogurt. It's also nice that the Duo comes in a variety of colors instead of just boring old black and stainless steel.

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