CES 2020 recap: Day one

A bezel-free 8K TV and OLED screen that rolls down were among the highlights.

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Steve Dent
January 7th, 2020
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On day one at CES 2020 we got to see a lot of bleeding-edge TVs. To start with, Samsung showed off its Q950 8K TV with a minimal 15mm frame and AI processor that can track screen objects and position the sound to match. LG unveiled its latest rollable OLED TV, but rather than rolling up from the floor, it rolls down from the ceiling like a projector screen with no need for a projector. LG also revealed that it's making OLED TVs more affordable using smaller 48-inch displays. TVs weren't everything, of course. Sony also unveiled a surprise EV concept, Canon launched a supercharged DSLR and Mercedes hit us with a crazy Avatar-inspired autonomous car. For more, check out our complete CES2020 coverage.

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