ESPN's 4K National Championship broadcast airs on Comcast, DirecTV and Altice

'TechCast' puts up to 12 feeds on one screen via the ESPN app.

Back in October ESPN started broadcasting college football in 4K, and now it's time for the National Championship Game. For tonight's matchup between LSU and Clemson the network will present a Samsung-sponsored feed from the Field Pass view -- with "free flowing commentary of the game" and SkyCam angle in Ultra HD. There's still no HDR in the broadcast yet, but viewers with appropriate setups from Comcast, DirecTV and Altice can tune in.

Hopefully the broadcast won't suffer from any glitches, as Awful Announcing pointed out the the Cotton Bowl on New Year's Day ran into numerous "technical difficulties" for DirecTV viewers.

CFP National Championship - January 12, 2020

Even if you don't think upgrading to Super Hi-Vision is necessary, other innovations present in this year's broadcast include Pylon Cam, virtual reality graphics, RefCams mounted to the official's hats and an "AllCam" that covers the entire field for zooming in to any individual player at any time.

You can also crack open the ESPN App to watch RefCam, SkyCast (i.e. Madden-style) and All-22 views. Finally, the app will even have a TechCast feed with up to 12 angles on-screen simultaneously. The National Championship Game braodcast starts tonight at 8 PM ET.