Amazon is removing listings for products that claim to cure coronavirus

It began notifying third-party sellers this week.

Amazon is removing listings for any products that claim to prevent, treat or cure the coronavirus, CNBC reports. The company began notifying third-party merchants of the change this week, and it says it will consider reinstating flagged listings if sellers remove the "prohibited medical claims."

It's not surprising that people are trying to sell products on dubious claims relating to the coronavirus, or COVID-19, outbreak. According to CNBC, sellers are peddling books on the virus and vitamin C sales have increased due to false statements that it is a cure. It's good to see that Amazon is doing what it can to intercept misinformation and protect consumers.

Facebook and Google have been fighting coronavirus misinformation since late last month, and as the disease continues to spread, the fight against false claims will likely continue as well.

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