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Apple's Mac Mini M2 falls back to $499

The deal wipes $100 of its sticker price.


If you're looking to up your Mac's processing power without forking out $600, now's your chance. Apple's Mac Mini M2 is marked down 17 percent right now at B&H, dropping its price to $500. This is about the best price we've seen since it went on sale back in January.

It's currently 17 percent off.

$499 at B&H

The Mac Mini M2 is a top-performing addition to any Apple computer (we gave it an 86 in our review), coming a long way since the first Mini debuted back in 2005. The first big upgrade came via the Mini M1 in 2021, but the M2 took things to another level with eight CPU cores, 8GB of RAM and ten graphic cores. Its aluminum box frame mirrors its predecessor, but it has a slightly lifted base to allow for greater airflow.

The processor is also loaded with usable ports, including two USB-A, two Thunderbolt 4 USB-C, HDMI 2.0, a headphone jack and gigabit Ethernet. However, it is lacking any front-facing options. You have a couple of days to decide whether to make the leap and pick up a Mac Mini M2, as the sale is on through Friday, September 1st.

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