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Our readers get real about their issues with the AirPods Pro
Our readers get real about their issues with the AirPods Pro

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Jabra's Elite 75t wireless earbuds drop back down to their lowest price ever

Jabra's Elite 75t wireless earbuds drop back down to their lowest price ever

IP55-rated earbuds with good sound quality for only $150.


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Switch Joy-Con

Switch Joy-Con


I liked the idea of the joy-cons and thought it was an improvement over the wacky Wii ones that got joined by a cable. Ultimately, it gives added flex to work as two controllers in a pinch, especially...


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Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: Unique design, poor execution

Samsung Galaxy Buds Live review: Unique design, poor execution

The company finally gave us active noise cancellation… sort of.


Video Reviews

Google Pixel 4a review

Posted  08.03.20

OnePlus Nord review: Almost invisible compromises

Faking a flagship in 2020.

Posted  07.27.20

Dell XPS 17 review (2020): So. Much. Screen.

Posted  07.22.20

Sony ZV-1 review: A portable vlogging camera extraordinaire

The ZV-1 has a lot going for it when it comes to vlogging. There’s a flip-around screen, high-quality built-in mic, uncanny eye autofocus, and tons of other features aimed squarely at vloggers and only vloggers. All that said, $800 isn’t exactly cheap. To find out how it would hold up, I shot all kinds of footage in lots of different places. Here’s what we found.

Posted  07.21.20

Paper Mario: The Origami King, 10 minutes of gameplay

We got our hands on the new Paper Mario game on Nintendo Switch. We'll have a full review when the game comes out, but in the meantime here's 10 minutes of gameplay showing the battle system, some interactions in the world, and a miniboss fight.

Posted  07.08.20

Lenovo Flex 5 Chromebook review

Posted  06.25.20

Dell XPS 15 Review (2020): The ideal 15-inch laptop

It's no secret that we love the XPS 13. Dell has refined the portable thin-and-light into one of our favorite laptops. At the same time, the XPS 15 has sometimes felt like a neglected member of the family, lacking some of the polish that made the XPS 13 so great. With their new 2020 model, Dell is finally showing the XPS 15 some love, with an improved keyboard, large trackpad, sleek design, and excellent, nearly bezel-less screen. Add in powerful internal options including a 6-core i7 Intel CPU and discrete Nvidia graphics, and all for less than many of its competitors, and the XPS 15 joins its 13" sibling as one of our favorite laptops.

Posted  06.19.20

Sonos Arc review: The Playbar upgrade we’ve been waiting for

Improvements all around, including the addition of Dolby Atmos.

Posted  06.03.20

Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 Lite review

Posted  05.29.20

Microsoft Surface Book 3 15-inch review: Better, faster, but don’t call it ‘ultimate’

Posted  05.21.20

Davinci Resolve 16.2 is ready to take on Premiere Pro CC

Since Blackmagic Design’s Resolve 16 came out last year, a lot of editors have been tempted to ditch Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Posted  05.20.20

Samsung Galaxy A51 review

Our full review of the Samsung Galaxy A51.

Posted  05.14.20

Surface Go 2 review: Microsoft's tiny PC grows up… sort of

Posted  05.08.20

Macbook Pro 13 inch review (2020): Great laptop, finally with a decent keyboard.

With Apple updating the Macbook Air and releasing the new 16" Macbook Pro with a revised, scissor-style keyboard, we knew it was only a matter of time before the 13" Macbook pro got the same treatment. Here it is, and it's about what we expected. This is still a fantastic small laptop, and the top line model now comes with a new 10th gen quad-core Intel processor and options for more RAM. Pair that with a keyboard that won't drive you nuts, and you have a very compelling machine. Unfortunately, the cheaper models didn't get quite the full set of upgrades, and this new Macbook Pro is launching into a world where it has to compete against some excellent PC laptops (such as the XPS13, Surface Book 2 and Surface Laptop 3 and new Galaxy Book Flex)

Posted  05.07.20

Galaxy Book Flex review script: A pricey but capable QLED laptop

Posted  05.04.20

Fitbit Charge 4 review: Affordable GPS at last

Our full review of the Fitbit Charge 4.

Posted  05.01.20

Motorola Edge Plus review: We waited four years for this?

Posted  04.30.20

MSI GS66 Stealth review: A premium gaming laptop in a crowded field

MSI's GS66 Stealth is a solid followup to the GS65, one of our favorite gaming laptops. The new model packs Nvidia RTX graphics and Intel's new 10th gen chips in a sleek black chassis. But while there's nothing wrong with the GS66, it faces a much more competitive field. Razer's offerings cost more, but come in sleeker, more lightweight designs, and Asus's Zephyrus G14 is nearly as fast but cheaper, lighter, and with vastly superior battery life. We like the GS66, but these days, gaming laptops are so good it's worth shopping around.

Posted  04.28.20

Apple Magic Keyboard review: Blurring the line between iPad and MacBook

Posted  04.23.20

Apple iPhone SE review (2020): $400 phone, $1,000 performance

After many rumors, Apple officially announced its new iPhone SE. The SE crams modern parts into an older design. In this case, that's the iPhone 11's superfast A13 processor, into the body of an iPhone 8. The results may look a little dated since the iPhone 8 design is three years old now (just look at those giant bezels), but the result is a $400 device that performs like Apple's flagship smartphone. Not a bad deal.

Posted  04.22.20

OnePlus 8 Pro review: Obsessed with speed

Posted  04.14.20

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 Review: AMD does ultra-portable gaming right

Asus's ROG Zephyrus G14 is one of the best gaming laptops we've tested. It's thinner and lighter than most of the competition, and with up an Nvidia 2060 GPU and an AMD R9-4900H processor, it's legitimately faster than some high-end all-in-one PCs we've tested in the past. Combine that with great battery life, a good selection of ports, and a price under $1500, and you've got a winner.

Posted  04.13.20

Final Fantasy 7 Remake review

Posted  04.10.20

Quibi review: Who needs this?

We've already seen Disney Plus and Apple TV launch in the past twelve months, and HBO Max will be joining them soon. But into this crowded streaming landscape has stepped Quibi, a new video streaming service that's putting mobile first. Except we're not sure why. Despite being founded by heavyweight Hollywood executives, and boasting more than $1.7 billion dollars in funding, we're not sure why Quibi exists. It's built around short-form (under 10 minute) videos that you can watch on your phone (and ONLY on your phone). Its selling point is Turnstyle, a technology that no one was asking for, and some shows are fine, but hardly better than what's on Netflix, Hulu, or even YouTube. So we're left asking, who is this for?

Posted  04.07.20

Samsung Galaxy Chromebook review: Great, until the battery runs out

Posted  04.06.20

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