Civilization 7 is coming in 2025

It's been eight years since Civilization 6.

The historical turn-based strategy series Civilization is getting another mainline sequel—and it's been a long time coming. Civilization VI came out back in 2016, and while we've seen a lot of DLC in the interim, there's been no word on sequels until now.

Civilization VII was officially revealed (well, teased) at the Summer Game Fest live showcase, although we didn't learn much more about what direction the series is going. The legend that is Sid Meier briefly appeared at the end of the trailer, adding that he was "incredibly excited for Civ fans to see Civilization VII, a game that represents the culmination of three decades of strategy innovation and refinement." he added that a full reveal, gameplay and all, will happen sometime in August. It's coming to Steam, PlayStation, Xbox, and, apparently, the Switch.

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