Apple Arcade hit 'Grindstone' makes its way to Switch today

It's an addictive puzzle game with Saturday-morning-cartoon vibes.

Capybara Games

Grindstone, the stellar Apple Arcade puzzler from Sword and Sworcery studio Capybara Games, is available on the Nintendo Switch right now. It’s a timed exclusive on the new platform, which means it’ll likely hit additional consoles after a predetermined amount of time, generally between a few months to a year.

In Grindstone, players line up enemies of the same color on a battle grid and then cut them down in long combinations to earn currency called grindstones. There are more than 200 levels, daily challenges and leaderboards, a killer soundtrack, and a cast of adorable, gross characters done up in a style reminiscent of Saturday morning cartoons.

The Switch version includes every content update that’s hit the game over the past year, plus control and UI improvements for wide-screen, touch and gamepad play. Grindstone costs $20 on the Switch, but it’s discounted at launch to $15. The game is also still available on iOS devices via an Apple Arcade subscription for $5 a month.