Hyundai shows off its updated S-A2 air taxi at CES 2024

It's a follow-up to the vertical take off and landing vehicle it introduced in 2020.


Hyundai has debuted its new air taxi concept, the S-A2, at CES 2024 in Las Vegas. The electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) vehicle is a follow-up to the S-A1 model it introduced at the same event back in 2020. Hyundai still envisions the S-A2 as an every day transportation solution for urban areas, one that could get passengers from point A to point B a lot more quickly than if they'd traveled by car or bus and had to contend with traffic.

The S-A2 has a cruising speed of 120mph upon reaching an altitude of 1,500 feet and was designed to fly short trips between 25 to 40 miles. It has eight rotors and an electric propulsion architecture that the company says can operate "as quietly as a dishwasher" unlike loud traditional helicopters. Inside, the vehicle has seats for a pilot and four passengers, and it has lighting that provides visual cues, such as where to enter and exit. For safety purposes, it has a lot of redundant components, such as its powertrain and flight controls, which can take over if the main ones malfunction.

Hyundai's air mobility company Supernal is hoping to achieve commercial aviation safety levels and to enter the market with an eVTOL vehicle by 2028. We might see future versions of the concept in the next CES events before that year — or after, if the company has to adjust its timeline. If and when Supernal does make it to market, it intends to use Hyundai's mass production capabilities to manufacture its eVTOLs and make sure its business is cost-effective.

A silver and blue aircraft

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