Innersloth is spending all its Among Us money on indie games

Outersloth is funding the next title from Thirsty Suitors studio Outerloop and a bunch more games.

The massive success of Among Us changed the lives of the developers at Innersloth. Now, the team is paying that forward by helping to fund a bunch of other indie games under its new label Outersloth (perfect name, zero notes).

Among the projects that Outersloth has backed so far are Mars First Logistics (a Mars rover building sim that went into early access last year), card battler RPG Battle Suit Aces, exploration game Mossfield Archives, single-button boss rush title One Btn Bosses and space dog fighting roguelike Rogue Eclipse. Strange Scaffold (An Airport for Aliens Currently Run by Dogs) and Visai Games (the fantastic Venba) are getting a hand from Outersloth too.

Outersloth is also funding the next project from Outerloop Games, the team behind the acclaimed Thirsty Suitors. It's in the very early stages of development and it's called Project Dosa. It will see you exploring the world in an upgradable mech, cooking for a community, fending off bad guys and much more.

It's very cool to see Outersloth giving indie developers another way to finance their games beyond the traditional publisher approach, relying on crowdfunding or going into early access. Meanwhile, Summer Game Fest Live included the first peek at the Among Us animated TV show.

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