iRobot's Roomba s9+ vacuum with clean base is $200 off right now

That's the best discount we've seen on the high-end machine.


If you're looking to treat yourself this holiday season, a robot vacuum could be the gift that keeps on giving. We saw a bunch go on sale for Black Friday, but now Wellbots is having a sale on one of Roomba's most advanced models. The Roomba s9+ is $200 off right now when you use the code ENGADGET200 at checkout, so you'll end up paying $899 for the machine — that's the best price we've seen it and even cheaper than it was last month during Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Buy Roomba s9+ at Wellbots - $899

The s9+ is even more advanced than the new Roomba j7+ that came out recently, although it does not have Precision Vision Navigation like the latter. Instead, the S9+ has the most suction power of any Roomba along with dual multi-surface brushes and Direct Detect technology, the latter of which helps the vacuum focus on the dirtiest spots in your home until they're fully clean. "Power-lift suction" also helps it deep clean carpets and suck up pet hair. It has sensors to help it move around objects like chairs and tablets and, thanks to its mapping technology, you can have it clean only certain rooms or areas of your home if you wish.

This model also has the clean base that comes with other more expensive Roombas. After each job, the s9+ will automatically return to its base for a recharge, and it will empty its bin into the clean base, which is basically an attached garbage can. That means you don't have to fuss with the vacuum every time you run it, and you'll only have to empty the clean base once every 60 days. That combined with the robot's easy-to-use companion app makes it a premium convenience machine — if you use iRobot's mobile app to start or schedule cleanings, you may not even have to touch the s9+ for weeks at a time while it does its job.

Even on sale, the Roomba s9+ is a big purchase — but it may be worth it for those who hate vacuuming and want their homes to be as clean as possible without having to do much themselves. There are plenty of budget options, though, if you'd rather save a good chunk of money and still get the benefits of a robot vacuum. The Roomba 694 is a good option, as well as the Anker RoboVac 11S. The former can be controlled via a mobile app while the latter comes with a remote that lets you maneuver the vacuum like a toy car in addition to setting schedules and the like.

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