LG brought the world's first wireless transparent OLED TV to CES 2024

The 77-inch OLED T works with the company's wireless video and audio transmission tech.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

LG typically shows off a host of new TVs at CES each year, but they're usually the more traditional flat screens. This year in Las Vegas, the company is debuting something quite different in addition to M- and G-series updates. The OLED T is what the company calls the first wireless transparent OLED TV, with 4K resolution and LG's wireless transmission tech for audio and video. The unit also features a contrast screen that rolls down into a box at its base that you can raise or lower with the press of a button.

The OLED T is powered by LG's new Alpha 11 AI processor with four times the performance of the previous-gen chip. The extra power offers 70 percent greater graphics performance and 30 percent faster processing speeds, according to the company. The OLED T model works with the company's Zero Connect Box that debuted on last year's M3 OLED that sends video and audio wirelessly to the TV. You connect all of your streaming devices and game consoles to that box rather than the television.

The OLED T's base houses down-firing speakers, which sound surprisingly good, as well as some other components. There are backlights as well, but you can turn those on for a fully-transparent look. LG says the TV will come in standalone, against-the-wall and wall-mounted options.

Photo by Billy Steele/Engadget

At first, some of the visuals on the OLED T are a bit unsettling. A singer on the transparent display appeared to be actually in the room — in miniature form, of course. Things like a fish tank were a bit more pleasant to look at and movie clips were crisp and vivid. LG also put what it calls the T-Bar on the OLED T, adding chyron-like mix of news, weather, song titles and more along the bottom while the rest of the screen stays clear.

Samsung also announced a transparent TV at CES 2024, but that version is Micro OLED. It too looks bright and sharp, but there's also no word on when it could be available or what it'll cost. LG isn't talking pricing either, but the company did say it plans to sell the OLED TV in 2024.

We're reporting live from CES 2024 in Las Vegas from January 6-12. Keep up with all the latest news from the show here.