Logitech joins the growing list of companies with self-repair programs

It’s teaming up with iFixit to offer parts, tools and support for two popular mouse models.

iFixit / Logitech

Logitech and iFixit announced a new partnership today to let customers repair their devices. iFixit will supply spare parts and out-of-warranty support for “select products” while developing guides for DIY repairs on Logitech gear. The program will kick off this summer in the US with support for two popular accessories: the Logitech MX Master and MX Anywhere mouse models.

The self-repair program, found on a new Repair Hub website, will use genuine Logitech replacement parts and batteries. iFixit says you can order parts a la carte or in kits with everything you need for a specific repair, including the requisite part(s), tools and a precision screwdriver bit set. The companies haven’t yet announced pricing for the bundles or replacement parts.

The initiative is part of a broader trend in recent years. Apple launched an iPhone repair program last year; it’s since added support for Macs and the Apple Studio Display. Google and Samsung have added similar programs for some of their flagship devices. Cutting down on e-waste by extending product lives is the most obvious advantage, as well as potentially saving repair-minded customers a few bucks. However, the companies may be motivated even more by Right to Repair legislation passed in New York and Massachusetts — while perhaps trying to head off potential federal legislation requiring them to offer self-repairs for a broader array of products.

“Consumers often struggle to find avenues to repair and extend the life of their product,” said Prakash Arunkundrum, chief operating officer at Logitech. “More can be done by brands and by broader value chains who wish to play an active role in the shift to a more circular economy. I am excited that we are able to collaborate with iFixit to develop better designs and make it easier for consumers to have a self-repair option to extend the life of our products.”