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Nintendo honors Princess Peach with a pair of pastel pink Joy-Cons

They arrive alongside Princess Peach: Showtime on March 22.

Nintendo / X

Nintendo is honoring Princess Peach with a set of appropriately colored Joy-Cons. On Tuesday, the company posted on X (Twitter) that a set of pastel pink Joy-Con controllers will launch alongside Princess Peach: Showtime! on March 22.

The pair will be sold for a limited time at the Nintendo Store and “select retailers.” Although the company hasn’t specified how much they’ll cost, $80 — the standard Joy-Con pair going rate— is likely a safe bet.

Nintendo already sells a pastel pink left Joy-Con, paired with a pastel yellow one as part of a batch launched last summer. So, if we’re being technical, the wholly original part of Peach’s long-overdue tribute appears to be half a controller. Engadget reached out to Nintendo to ask if the shade of pastel pink in Peach’s set is identical to the one in the pink / yellow pairing as it appears to be in the promotional images below. We’ll update this article if we hear back.

Marketing photo of two pairs of pastel-colored Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controllers. From left to right: purple (left controller), green (right controller), pink (left controller) and yellow (right controller). They sit upright on stands on a pink table with a white background.
The pastel pink left Joy-Con (second from the right), launched last summer, looks an awful lot like Peach’s tribute set. (Nintendo)

Of course, the themed Joy-Cons are merely the undercard to the main event of Princess Peach: Showtime! The pseudo-platformer, announced during the September Nintendo Direct, has the perpetual damsel in distress taking heroic center stage in a story about saving a theater (the Hamlet kind, not the Barbenheimer kind) from the villainous Grape and the Sour Bunch.

Peach can wield a ribbon as a whip-like weapon, lent to her by the theater’s guardian, a floating star named Stella. (She may play a similar role to Cappy in Super Mario Odyssey and Prince Florian in Super Mario Wonder.) Peach can also draw on her theatrical quick-change abilities to transform into a ninja, swashbuckler, detective, patisserie, cowgirl and Kung-Fu artist — giving the frequent McGuffin in Mario’s stories fun power-ups to counter those of her mustachioed beau.

Princess Peach: Showtime! is available for pre-order now from Nintendo and Amazon. It and the pair of pastel pink Joy-Cons arrive on March 22. You can watch the game’s latest trailer below.