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NordPass password manager premium plans are up to 53 percent off

There's a 40 percent discount on a personal plan if you pay for two years.


Everyone needs a password manager. It makes it a cinch to juggle complex, unique passwords (you do have those, right?) for every service you use. NordPass is our pick for the best password manager with cross-platform availability. There's a free option that largely does the trick, but there are premium plans that add some useful features.

Right now, you can save 40 percent on a NordPass personal plan. For $42.96 ($1.79 per month), you'll get two years of premium service. Opt for a two-year family plan, which includes six premium user accounts, and you'll save 53 percent. That option costs $66.96, which works out to $2.79 per month.

NordPass' premium plan will warn you about weak and old passwords, and scour the web for data leaks.

$43 at NordPass

The free NordPass plan has no limits on how many passwords you can store. You can sync your data across devices, create automated backups and import information from other password managers. Autofill should make it faster for you to log in to sites and services. You can store notes and credit card details in NordPass, and you can organize your information into folders. There's also passkey support.

NordPass uses the xChaCha2o encryption algorithm to secure your data. Two-factor authentication and biometric login credentials can help with security too. The only password you'll really need to remember is your NordPass master password.

Upgrade to a premium plan and you can stay logged in to NordPass when you switch devices. You can share information with people you trust and provide access to your passwords during an emergency. Perhaps most usefully, NordPass premium users are warned when they have old, weak and reused passwords. The service will also scan the web for data leaks that may pose a security risk to you.

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