OnePlus phones get early access to 'PUBG Mobile' at 90FPS

The exclusivity period ends on September 6th.


From a distance, OnePlus hardware doesn't scream 'mobile gaming powerhouse.' The company's phones don't have shoulder buttons, for instance, side-mounted selfie cameras or color schemes that look like a Decepticon at a Friday night rave. And yet, OnePlus is slowly carving out a reputation for mobile gaming prowess. Today, the company announced that some of its smartphones -- the OnePlus 8 and 7T series, as well as the OnePlus 7 Pro, to be precise -- can now play PUBG Mobile at a silky smooth 90 frames per second. According to OnePlus, no other handset will have this feature until its timed-exclusivity deal ends on September 6th.

Weirdly, the deal doesn’t stretch to China, Japan or Korea. (Maybe because those regions have particularly competitive PUBG Mobile communities?)

OnePlus struck a similar deal with Epic Games so its 8 series of phones could run Fortnite at 90 frames per second. A couple of months later, it also offered an exclusive dance emote for anyone with a OnePlus 3 or higher. The company has also partnered with Fnatic, one of the largest esports organizations, and offers a gaming-focused Fnatic mode on its phones which optimizes performance and blocks notifications. OnePlus isn't the only mainstream phone maker with gaming aspirations, though. Samsung, for instance, had early access to Fortnite on Android, and will soon be offering a special Game Pass bundle with its Galaxy Note 20 smartphone.