Palworld's upcoming Arena mode looks like Pokémon PvP with guns

You'll be able to battle other players this summer.

Ever since Palworld first emerged, it's been described as "Pokémon with guns." A new mode that's coming to Pocketpair's massively successful game won't do much to get rid of those comparisons. Even based on a 15-second clip, it looks, sounds and smells just like Pokémon's player vs. player experiences.

In the inventively titled Palworld Arena, you'll be able to take on other players with the help of the Pokémon Pals you've captured. Pocketpair says you can train your strongest critters to overcome your rivals. A brief teaser shown at the Triple-i Initiative indie games showcase showed a split-screen view, for what it's worth.

At first glance, it seems like the main difference between this and Pokémon battles is that, instead of standing back and telling your Pals what to do, your character will be in the thick of the action as well, trying to take out the enemies with a range of weaponry.

For those of us who aren't fans of turn-based combat (*waves*), it could be a more active, perhaps more compelling spin on Pokémon battles. But this really does just seem like Pokémon PvP modes with a different coat of paint. We'll get to find out just how alike the two franchises' takes on PvP really are when Palworld Arena arrives this summer.