Possessor(s) is an eerily beautiful action sidescroller from Heart Machine

Slash, leap and dodge through a city of interdimensional horror in 2025.

Heart Machine is working overtime. The studio is gearing up to release Hyper Light Breaker, a big ol' online adventure game, and it just revealed another title that's in development and due out soon: Possessor(s). It's scheduled to hit PC and consoles in 2025.

Possessor(s) is a twitchy action sidescroller set in a sci-fi city overrun by interdimensional horror. In its reveal trailer, it looks absolutely beautiful — demonic, dramatic and hyper-chromatic.

Possessor(s) is set in a quarantined metropolis that's been invaded by otherworldly forces, featuring 3D backgrounds and hand-painted characters coated in a sickly VHS glow. Combat involves lots of melee with found objects, sliding down long corridors and swinging from a grappling hook, with more weapons unlocked and upgraded as the experience progresses.

Possessor(s) stars the host, Luca, and her problematic counterpart, Rehm. In order to survive, they need to learn how to coexist, and together they're on a mission to discover the source of the catastrophe that destroyed this city. There's an open-ended narrative with multiple paths to travel down, and a roster of characters to meet, each new story of devastation illuminating the larger mystery.

Every cutscene in the Possessor(s) announcement trailer could be a screensaver and combat looks super smooth. It's developed by Heart Machine and published by Devolver Digital.

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